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Why Can’t You Get It All Done?

Time Management is Probably NOT Your Problem

Most of us are winding down this year (and decade, oh my!), assessing what we did well and what we can do differently as we ramp up next year’s plans. If you’re like most leaders—and me—you might find yourself fantasizing about a …

Why Can’t You Get It All Done?2020-12-10T15:27:30+00:00

Why is Reflection so Important in Leadership

Most leaders would never ignore key performance indicators that help them monitor the health of their department or organization. But too many might skip another important leadership task: taking time for self-reflection. Don’t be fooled. Self-reflection is powerful and can drive high performance.

Self-Reflection Strengthens Self-Awareness

Successful leaders must be …

Why is Reflection so Important in Leadership2020-12-10T15:25:13+00:00

The Surprising Link Between Happiness and Decision Making

When managing your happiness: Did you know that there is a scientific link between the ability to make decisions quickly, and your happiness? Nobody can maximize the best decision making all the time! Try this little trick, when you go out to eat, practice ordering the first thing that catches …

The Surprising Link Between Happiness and Decision Making2020-12-10T15:21:38+00:00

Start Your “Ta Da” list

On managing time…are you a list maker? Managing all the things we need to do in a day via a list is a great way to stay organized. HOWEVER, it’s also a great way to feel overwhelmed and unaccomplished if tasks go unfinished. Here’s a challenge for you: Start a …

Start Your “Ta Da” list2020-12-10T15:20:25+00:00

What’s Your EQ?

On managing strength … strong, effective leaders know how to manage their emotions and how to read the emotions of others. Watching Sheldon Cooper struggle with self-awareness and how he flubs up his friendships, shows us (while his lacking EQ is funny), that low EQ is clearly limiting!! What’s your …

What’s Your EQ?2020-12-10T15:19:08+00:00