Individual coaching

A trusted leadership coach can help a leader be at their best. Many high-achievers step into executive roles and are faced with challenges they never experienced before. It’s not always safe to ask for help and admit you have any struggles with your new responsibilities. You don’t want the decision-makers who gave you the promotion to doubt your skills.

A trusted leadership coach can help you get clarity, gain confidence and other skills needed for your success. Here are some other benefits of one-on-one coaching:

  • Gain clarity and focus about the challenges you face and growth opportunities for yourself
  • Figure out what’s not working
  • Create goals and plans to move forward
  • An accountability partner so you stay on track to achieve your goals
  • Get clear on how to help yourself
  • Find support, confidentiality and motivation during each coaching session

Team development

As an executive coach, my focus is working with leaders. And part of helping leaders achieve success includes the performance of their teams. I can help you identify where your team could have greater teamwork and performance.

Many people overlook the critical support an executive coach can provide to identify where teams could have greater performance and communication and then being the facilitator to help make that happen.

Here are some of the things I can help identify and develop with teams during a customized program:

  • Management skills leaders on your team needs to acquire
  • Team strengths as well as individual strengths that could help move the team forward
  • Opportunities for better communication and conflict resolution
  • Strategy, vision, and team building
  • Facilitation of tough discussions within your team