We help high-achieving leaders and managers:

  • Get clear on what you want
  • Make actionable plans to get unstuck and move forward
  • Tackle leadership and management challenges
  • Build deeper connection and engagement with your teams
  • Believe in yourself and realize your goals

Meet the Team

Val Jennings, CEO

Val is an executive coach experienced in managing large, complex global teams. Val works with leaders and individual contributors to find and leverage personal and organizational strength.  A trustworthy thought partner who helps hear the personal underlying truth, Val can help leaders and teams get “unstuck” and move forward quickly.  She helps her clients get clear on what they want and create actionable plans to chart a path towards their goals.  She has coached and trained hundreds of leaders across many industries. 

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Tiffany Dougherty, Operations Lead

Tiffany is experienced in leading and managing operations, process automation, marketing strategies, teams, and design projects. Tiffany is a jack of all trades which gives her clients the freedom to focus on their expertise. She has worked with dozens of different types of businesses over the years giving her a variety of experience and the confidence to share and implement new technology and business strategies. Tiffany is trustworthy, reliable, and a creative asset to the team.

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Our Executive Coaches

Susan Alexander

Susan is an executive coach and leadership development facilitator who helps managers, leaders, and executives drive business results by leveraging their strengths. She has 20+ years of experience leading work in high-change corporations, and provides an action-oriented, results-based coaching experience. Susan has held various corporate roles in marketing, learning and development, communications, management excellence, and leader success.

Devi McFadden

Devi has been partnering with leaders for over 20 years. She has an excellent track record of making an impact in the lives of her clients through trust-based partnerships. Devi’s coaching practice focuses on working with leaders to make their greatest impact by aligning everything we do personally and professionally toward our passions and unique purpose. She works with clients to develop and implement strategically focused solutions custom to the person and situation. 

Meade Dickerson

Meade has worked extensively with leaders in the finance, hospitality, healthcare, technology, broadcasting, fitness, IT, transportation, and insurance industries throughout his career as a coach. He has extensive experience in coaching leaders with an expertise in executive leadership coaching, experiential group training and team building, Emotional Intelligence, and more. Meade’s “no-nonsense” coaching approach gets to the core of the issue with his clients and helps them be great leaders.